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along and west of i-80 one, unless beput down some heavy downpours. up towards west minster and also down into parts of montgomery county, seeing pop up showers there. now we could see anywhere between one to three inches of rainfall, so the national weather service issues a flash flood watch. east of, i 95, some of the storms could become strong with wind damage, and then the rest of the week, looking gorgeous. so hold on for that, i will have more details on that with your seven-day forecast. let's go to wtop. amanda is back this morning. >> thank you. we are starting off this morning with quite a few construction spots so we are going to just jump around, and give you a update on where you can expect lane closures heading into the 95 in from virginia. yo uh can see southbound from rout. you will see single lanes getting by through that area.
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not northbound, you can see delays there as they pick up the cones on some construction. so that may very well be while you are seeing that bright red there as crews get that cleaned up, however, the outer loop is also working a construction zone. so we will be monitoring both of those, it did look like they were starting to pick some of those cones up. just after rout 29 working construction zone as well, and then you can expect some altering lane closures heading southbound there after jones bridge road. we will have a update on those construction zones in which ones are clearing coming up in a little bit. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> all right, amanda. a long time advise discoer is expected to enter a guilty plea, in federal court this morning. vernon hawkins is charged with making a false statement to investigators looking into the finances of gray's run for mayor back in 2010. he allegedly tried to stop a
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probe into a shadow campaign, one that raised $650,000 in money that should have been reported, but was not. >> the mlk memorial probably will not be ready for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. this is news as crews already removed a controversy quote. but the finishing work has stalled because the contractor doesn't have insurance for sandblasting, plus, works accidently stained the memorial during a different process. well, 2:33 and the war on drugs may never be the same is. the justice department is ready to scale back the harsh sentences for certain related crimes. >> this plan will save money and also keep communities intact, not everyone is sold on this idea. >> this morning two major changes in crime laws with implications for millions.
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attorney general eric holder has ordered federal prosecutors to stop sweeping up nonviolent drug offender and accept tensing them to mandatory prison terms. >> we cannot simply prosecute, or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation. >> order is concerned about disparities this the criminal justice system, that unfairly hit poor and maymorety communities. he says the proposal will ease billions in prison costs. local lift welcome the news. >> i think it is the right thing to do. >> but others worry that easing mandatory sentences for drug offenders could lead to an increase in crime. >> it remains to be seen how much that will do to the crime rate. i guess it is reasonable to guess that it could go up, a little bit. >> meanwhile in new york city, encounters like this under scrutiny. >> a ruling that the nwpd has
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violated the rights by encouraging officers to stop and frisk, suspiciouses individuals. minorities are outraged because 84% of those stopped by police are black or latino males. >> new york major and his police commissioner says stop and frisk has saved live getsing red of it will make the city more dangerous. plus, d.c.'s economy is stronger than you may think, with business news. good morning, francesa. >> well, it feels like every day we are talking about how federal budget cuts are effecting
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american's wallets. two greater d.c. area is still lifing despite the sequester. this all according to washington business journal, that says the job legislation rate could slip below 5% by the end of the year. one industry that is doing better, manufacturing. the group manufacturers news says the industrial employment in the d. c. area post add slight gain over the last year. in the meantime, enough buzz about the new i-phone coming out, apple also getting ready do release a new thinner version of the ipad. it is likely to be released sometime during the last three months of the year. apple also expected to come out with a new ipad mini. a higher resolution screen on that, the release comes at a critical time for apple as it struggles to maintain its position. there are some big changes in store. some customers may not like too much, i will tell you what that is about coming up in the next
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hour. in new york, recording for abc seven news. >> people don't like when they mess with their chipolata. >> i know, food talk, i'm staffing already. >> 75 degrees out there, 4:37 your time. >> still to come, police renew their push nor a murder case that is nearly a year old. find out what they are doing to help
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welcome back. 4:39 on this tuesday morning. >> jackie, going to be seeing showering all day today. >> not all day. i think we will have breaks at time. again late today, and they could be bookending your commute, and see during both of those periods. i think the earlier you leave this morning the better off you will be. i think by 7:00 we will start to see that lane here in the d.c., perhaps give or take a good 30 minute window for you. here you can see the rain off to our west. culpepper you have had a shower or two already. and even a little bit of patchy fog. again, this morning to seep that in mind. two rain will p heavy at times. there were a couple of periods you could see between one and three inches of rainfall.
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that includes the immediate metro area, and then everybody off to the west and north. into southern maryland but we don't expect it to be quite as heavy, especially not this morning. 79-degrees is our temperature to start us off, so we are warm to kick things off. we should make it this afternoon into the mid to upper 80's. 77 degrees with thunderstorms possible. i think we will get that break midday, and then thunderstorms again this evening 83 degrees. our high today about 87. and i have a big cool down, and gorgeous weather once i get through the day, so hang in there and i will tell you about that coming up. headed down towards the belt way. you may run into a few delays there. we are getting word from the
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traffic center, that they are on scene. if you do use the dullless airport lane, the right lane is closed there. seeing a little bit of ebb and flow near the springfield interchange. they just picked up a work zone there, 66 eastbound, no problems or delays heading in from centerville, or fay fax to 70. same deal. no delays or incidents to report, but the inner loop just after rout 29 is working a construction zone at this time. we have got a live shot for you showing you the inner and outer near river road. and you can see those head lights are moving right along, delay free coming through the american he john bridge at this time, for now i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> your time is 4:42, it is 75-degrees and coming up we have
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an exclusive abc 7 investigation. >> problems with fire and ems, could have had serious consequences for the president
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>> a long time associate of d.c. mayor vincent gray is expected to plead guilty to making a false statement to federal
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investigators. vernon hawkins will appear in court this morning. he is accused of obstructing an investigation into the finances of gray's 2010 run for mayor. and gun rights activist will be in a d.c. courtroom this morning where his attorney is expected to again ask for bond. kokesh is charged with openly carrying a shotgun in the district. he has been held without bond since his arrest last month. and former congressman jesse jackson jr. will be sentenced tomorrow for campaign finance fraud. jackson requested he serve his time at an alabama prison camp, or prison in north carolina, so he can be close do family. his wife will also be sentenced tomorrow after pleading guilty to tax fraud. jummy. >> return now toen a abc 7, i team investigation, it is an exclusive story. a mistake with d.c.'s fire and ems department could have put the health of president and obama and the first lady at risk. we have learned the ambulance
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scheduled to accompany president obama, broke down, which led to multiple problems. >> as president obama travels to and from the white house, the number one concern of his motorcade is keeping the president safe. one critical constant is a d.c. fire zms ambulance, typically medic one, trailing behind in the event of a medical emergency. but on august 8th as the president and first lady were leaving to celebrate mr. obama's 50 second birthday, medic one ran out of gas. >> fire officials concerned that the vehicle was towed to apparatus division and is now being repaired off site. the crew should have but did not fill up the tank thatdy. sources say the bigger issue is the fuel gauge had been broken for months and had not been repaired. >> why did it run out? was it a faulty gas gauge. how long did they know.
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>> for months d.c. councilman has been critical of the department for not quickly addressing a fleet in disrepair. >> this is just an example that highlights the fact that we are not where we need to be. >> according to the report, the motorcade left the white house around 60:00. the spokes men said another ambulance medic 7 was damaged and arrived at the white house at 6:59, nearly 20 minutes later, but by then the motorcade was long gone, as the restaurant is only a couple of miles away. what we do know according to this, medic seven was parked off to the left. multiple sources say since medic seven was in the mo motorcade, it likely had not gone through a security sweep, and therefore could not be used by the president if something had happened. >> due to safety and security reasons a spokesperson for the secret service declined to comment. we do know that the the d. c. fire and ems are investigating
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this matter and they have said that it is possible that the crew aboard could face disciplinary action. abc seven news. >> thank you, jay. nearly a year after the murder of a prince georges county teenager, police are more determined than ever to find her killer. >> that's right. back on august 2nd, 2012, a gunman kicked down the front door of a home and shot 17-year-old amber stanley. now investigators are going up and down that same street, determines to find that one piece of evidence that leads to an arrest. >> trying to think of the house she was murdered. i don't think about that. i think about everything before that. all of the good and happy times. because that's what helps keep me sane. >> investigators say they follow up on tips and leads in this case each week. >> the mother of a missing virginia teen is hopeful her caught her be sound safe. meantime, investigators believe that the arrest of randolf
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taylor may led them to alexis murphy. the 17-year-old was last seen august 3rd, from her home in nelson county. her car was later found in a parking lot. >> 4:50 now, and police are asking for help in finding a us manying girl. 14-year-old is reported missing earl yes sunday morning. she may have been spotted on railway place. if you have any information on her whereabouts you are asked to call police. >> defense lawyers say whitey bulger is actually pleased to be convicted of 11 murders because his trial exposed government corruption. but the boston mobster still plans to appeal the verdict, he declined to stake the stand in his own defense, saying he didn't get a fair trial. >> mr. bulger knew as soon as he was arrested, that he was going to die behind the walls of a prison, or on a gurney getting in ejected.
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>> he was also found guilty on racketeering, narcotics and money laundering charges. he will be sentenced in knot. >> 4:50 is your time, take to check on the forecast. >> jackie, how long do we need the umbrellas for today. >> well, you want it around this morning and then get this afternoon. so just keep it by your side. i do think the rain can be moving into the metro, around 7:00ish, a good 30 minute window or more. we are watching and tracking the showers and thunderstorms that have been pushing in from the west through the overnight hours. and it is raining pretty good in a couple of spots. and notice how this stretches all the way back, so the steady stream is going to move, especially across northern maryland and that's the ware where we are most concerned for the heavy downpours. win chest, you have some moderate rain commenting down. notice we have a couple of thunderstorms that have
4:51 am
developed well in advance of that first batch of rain. but that's over towards baltimore, we are doing okay here in d.c. cloudy here now in the nation's capitol. the winds out of the south at ten miles per hour. we have 70 in frederic, your temperature in manassas is 73. the cold front, finally coming through today, and that is going to swing in and kick up the showers. possibly severe, late today, as a cold front sweeps through. maybe say between the window of 3:00 and 8:00. and notice that that's really southeast of d.c., so southern maryland over towards the peninsula. much cooler air coming in back behind this thing. watch this with our future cast. a little break, maybe midday. and then some clearing overnight, and our temperatures dropping into the 60's. and then we will see some beautiful conditions the rest of the week. so today, a lot of cloudy showers likely. some may produce flooding.
4:52 am
84 to 88 degrees. 59 to 65 degrees and check this out, my friends, wednesday through saturday, looking fantastic. near 80 degrees tomorrow, low eight's the rest of the week, the humidity probably not coming back i don't think until friday, and then another chance at some wet weather late in the weekend. all and all things are looking great, how are they looking on the roads in is. >> we do have quite a bit of activity for this time of the morning. we are seeing a couple of overnight and early morning construction projects. working some construction, 95 northbound, that's a repaving project to rout one. that's it 126, now, this is relevant because it is going to be closed down through 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. so please keep that in mind. dulles access road eastbound, picked up that crash. we have that word that the right lane is closed but the tow truck is on scene. we will let you know as soon as that does get cleared. that will be right near the belt
4:53 am
way, inner loop after rout 29, also working construction, and a live shot of 270 shows us that things are moving right along. no big problems or delays there. i will send it back to you. >> all right, thank you. 4:54 is your time, and it is 75-degrees outside. >> coming up, john mccain says he is ready to reinstitute law and order. the job he was called to do while congress is on recess.
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>> today the prosecution plans to call an expert witness in the nadal house san military trial. hassan is acting as his own lawyer, and has been mostly quiet in the courtroom. >> congress is on recess, but senator john mccain was still called into work. on jury duty. according to politicala he spent monday at an arizona courthouse before walking in, he worked he was there to do his civic duty for a change. and reinstitute law and order after a few hours he was as you can imagine given the all clear without getting picked. all right. >> you know he had been picked for jury duty, and i still haven't. >> they will call you tomorrow now. 4:57. >> and still ahead, the park service is already using sharp shooters to control the deer population. to find out where else in our
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area, the controversial technique could be used. we will be right back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy...
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coming up, a former rad visor. regarding that campaign, we have the latest. >> plus, football season hasn't even officially started yet, and the red skins already have a battle on their hand. but this one has nothing to do with other teams. >> and a terrifying incident for any parent. someone hacked a baby

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